Pax et Bonum!


Let the sisters and brothers be gentle, peaceful and unassuming, mild and humble, speaking respectfully to all in accord with their vocation. Wherever they are, or wherever they go throughout the world they should not be quarrelsome, contentious, or judgmental towards others.  Rather,it should be obvious that they are “joyful,good-humoured,” and happy”in the Lord” as they ought to be (c.f.Philippians 4:4). And in greeting others, let them say,
“The Lord give you peace.”
-Holy Rule

Welcome to the website of the Franciscan Community of Mercy. We thank you for your interest in our community and the Franciscan way of life. We are an order dedicated to following in the footsteps of Christ as modeled by Saint Francis. We support and encourage one another as we labor in the vineyard of the Lord serving all of God’s people.Members of our community are ordinary people who respond to an extraordinary vocation. They have answered a calling from God in their life and can be found in parishes and in soup kitchens, ministering to those with HIV/AIDS and those who have been hurt by institutional churches.

We invite you to explore the pages of this site to learn more about us and what we do. Perhaps you yourself feel a calling to the Franciscan way of life and would be interested in joining us. Or, perhaps the work of our friars and sisters inspires you and you wish to support our various ministries as a benefactor. No matter what brought you here today, we are glad you found us and pray that your visit blesses you as much as it truly blesses us.

Our Work & Life

The friars serve in a variety of capacities. The vast majority of members of our community live in regular homes and work secular jobs just like those they minister to. Additionally, they undertake special ministries as Franciscans. Some maybe called to holy orders and serve as a priest or a deacon. Others may minister in soup kitchens or nursing homes. Each member works with the community to discern what his or her strengths are so that they may attempt to better understand what kind of ministry it may be that God is calling him or her to. Some of our more common ministries are explained further within these pages.


Joining our Community


“O Most High, Glorious God, enlighten the darkness of my heart and give me a right faith,
a certain hope and a perfect love, insight and wisdom, 
O Lord, that I may carry out your holy and true command.” 
-St. Francis of Assisi, Prayer for Discernment

Membership in the community is open to all baptized persons who have been chosen by God to follow in the footsteps Jesus as modeled by St. Francis. Our application process and standards for acceptance come through our affiliation with the American National Catholic Church.

Members who have not already been formed in the Franciscan way of life are required to participate in a formation program which begins when becoming a novice. This phase of formation will last at least one year or more if deemed necessary by the formation team. All members are expected to continue studying the gospels, social issues, the life of St. Francis and the Franciscan way of life. Each Friar and Sister must be involved in an active ministry outside their normal responsibilities to their faith communities. Ministries should be in keeping within the community’s mission and selected in consultation with the Minister General and their respective superiors.


Vocations Office


Office of Vocations
Fr. Matthew Bailey,FCM

(203) 626-1810

Franciscan Communications Network


Welcome to the Franciscan Communications Network (FCN).

FCN strives to spread both the life transforming message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and share news and updates on the Franciscan Community of Mercy (FCM) with our friends throughout the world.

E-Newsletter: We invite you to sign up to receive Good Things, our e-newsletter. In it you will receive reflections on Franciscan spirituality, guides for prayer and reflection, and news about the FCM.

Franciscan Radio: Listen to homilies from our Franciscans in parishes and a variety of other audio programs from the convenience of your computer or mp3 player through iTunes.

Blogging Franciscans: Visit our blog to follow our Blogging Franciscans!

Twitter: Follow the FCM on twitter.

The Franciscan Community of Mercy is an exceptional group of men and women who have answered God’s call to labor in the vineyard. In order to fulfill our vocations of serving God and the people of God, we rely on the generosity and kindness of benefactors like you.

Your generous contribution is a means of sustaining our various ministries. It allows us to develop communication efforts that spread the Good News of Jesus Christ; it helps us to finance the formation and training of the friars and sisters who serve so well; it provides us with resources to engage in ministries devoted to the cause of social justice; and in a special way, it allows us to serve the poor – those we know who were so loved by Jesus.

We hope you will consider becoming a benefactor of our community. Your prayers and contributions are true blessings that sustain us in our ministry.

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